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Voice Works 16

Voice Works uses advanced DSP technology - A digital signal processor (DSP) replaces numerous other chips and components. By using a DSP to replace hardware with software, VoiceWorks 16 uses less space and less power. It costs less, too.

Expands to as many as 16 ports - Whether your workplace has two workers or 200 workers, VoiceWorks 16 can handle it. Buy VoiceWorks 16 with the capacity you need now - as few as two ports - and expand it as your needs require. It grows with your business.

Up to nearly 140 hours of voice storage - Even the standard VoiceWorks 16 holds a massive 70 hours of audio and, as your needs require, it can expand to hold more - nearly twice than much.

Highest grade audio quality - VoiceWorks 16 voice mail and auto attendant messages just plain sound better - a lot better. That’s because VoiceWorks 16 records messages using an awesome 64-kilobit/second sampling rate, up to twice the quality of competing devices. That’s more than enough to handle any sound that a normal telephone line can carry.


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