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Norstar Applications Module - NAM

Designed for business sites that require up to 1,000 mailboxes and advanced messaging applications, Norstar Voice Mail serves as a personal assistant that answers the telephone and takes messages for everyone in the company. It incorporates the Norstar Applications Module, which supports up to 32 voice channels, and can drive multiple integrated applications such as Voice Mail plus Fax Messaging, Desktop Messaging, Digital Networking, and co-resident Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Key Features

  • Provides up to 1,000 mailboxes for business sites and advanced messaging applications.
  • Auto Attendant directs incoming calls, routing them based on Calling Line ID information.
  • Auto Receptionist answers calls 365 days a year, freeing up the receptionist to work with customers, vendors, and visitors.
  • Information Desk provides answers to commonly asked questions through information mailboxes.
  • Norstar Applications Module provides up to 32 voice channels, with the ability to drive multiple integrated applications.

*The Norstar Applications Module has been replaced by the Call Pilot Voice Mail Systems

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