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Nortel Flash Voice Mail

It's diskless and has no moving parts. Flash memory chips create a "solid state virtual disk" for greetings and message storage, breaking through inherent limitations of conventional hard drives. A Type II PCMCIA slot accepts state-of-the-art Flash-ROM PC Cards. Not much bigger than a credit card, this technologically superior and virtually indestructible memory stores the features and voice prompts of Flash Voice Mail. Adding new features in the future means simply replacing the PCMCIA card with a new one. About as easy as inserting your bank card into an ATM.

Now you don't have to settle for an electromechanical, disk-based voice mail system. Because there's a new kid on the block that delivers superior power and performance... for a lot less money. It's Flash Voice Mail the revolutionary solid-state solution for intelligent voice processing from Nortel. It's specially designed to work together with your Norstar business communications system. And it's loaded with everything you need to make your phone system pay for itself including Auto Attendant, Cascading Off-Premise Message Notification, and Integrated Calling Line ID.


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