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Nortel Telephones

Meridian Telephones

M3901 Entry Telephone

The Nortel Networks M3901 Entry Telephone is the single-line digital phone perfect for use in public locations where telephone use is occasional. The M3901 is designed for use with the Meridian 1 and Meridian SL-100 systems.

M3902 Basic Telephone

Nortel Networks M3902 Basic Telephone, the single-line digital phone with a display-based interface and handsfree capability designed for light-use business environments. The M3902 is designed for use with the Meridian 1 and Meridian SL-100 systems..

M3903 Enhanced Telephone

Business Series Terminal T7316 is a flexible, multi-line telephone for feature-intense users such as, managers and executive professionals. Additionally, the T7316 can be used for centralized answering and administrative positions.
M3904 Professional Telephone
Nortel Networks M3904 Professional Telephone, the multi-line digital phone, supporting up to 12 lines for executives, managers, virtual office users, and administrators providing access to features via a 5-line x 24-character display.
M3905 Call Center Telephone
Nortel Networks M3905 Call Center Telephone, the multi-line digital phone designed to give call center personnel instant access to the most often used call center features via fixed feature keys and a 4-line x 24-character display.
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