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Meridian Option 11c Support in Baltimore MD and DC

Meridian 1 Option 11C is a digital PBX for enterprises, delivering advanced applications and carrier-grade, five-nines reliability for traditional voice and Voice over IP communications. Expandable to 800 lines, it supports desktop and system features of larger Meridian 1 systems, including digital and IP telephones, IP Gateways, mobility (802.11) communications, voice messaging, call center, PC-based system management, and multimedia applications.

With Meridian 1 systems, you're investing in flexibility! Meridian 1 systems enable you to tailor a solution to your unique requirements. For example, Meridian 1 Universal Trunk Cards, which support a variety of Central Office trunks, such as CO, FX, Tie, DID, RAN, and Paging, are software programmable. Each of the trunk card's eight ports is configurable for any of these capabilities. The programming of the card can be done on-site —just one example of how Nortel Networks Meridian 1 delivers flexibility while retaining cost-effectiveness through use of intelligent design.

With Meridian 1 systems, you have the flexibility to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology. With Meridian 1 Internet Telephony Gateways (ITG), you can "Internet Enable" your system to bring VoIP to your LAN, across your WAN or even to your mobile workforce! Meridian 1's architectural design, which includes processing, switching, access and call control layers, enables your business to invest in new technologies such as VoIP and do so incrementally. Without impacting investments you've made in the rest of your Meridian 1 system. So your business can enjoy all the benefits of VoIP while leveraging Meridian 1's "five nines" reliability, broad scalability, powerful performance and rich, robust feature set. It's VoIP—at a pace you're comfortable with.
Meridian 1 systems are also renowned for performance and reliability with over 25 years of evolutionary and revolutionary feature and applications development to drive your business' profitability. That's over 3.7 million hours of telephony research and software design. X11 Release 25,

Meridian 1's latest software release, supports over 450 features and services including:
* Basic and advanced voice and data communications applications such as ISDN Networking and VoIP
* State-of-the-art unified messaging and system administration applications
* An extensive array of call management applications for call centers with our Symposium portfolio

Meridian Option 11

Our portfolio of server-based applica- tions includes CallPilot* for Unified Messaging, Optivity* Telephony Manager (OTM) for GUI-based system management, and network administration and Symposium Call Center Servers for web-enabled call centers. CallPilot enhances the power and productivity of your desktop with the ability to manage your voicemail, email and fax mail via your own PC. In addition, CallPilot supports the greatest number of email interfaces in the industry! Optivity Telephony Manager (OTM) brings simplified telephony network management to Meridian 1 systems. OTM supports browser-based administration that helps allocate resources more cost- effectively while improving your employee productivity. With the integration of Optivity Network Management Services (NMS), you can also manage your voice and data networks with the convenience of administration from one single platform.

Meridian Option 11 Key Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal solution for small to medium-sized enterprises, from 60 to 800 users
  • Uses the same X11 software used in larger Meridian 1 systems
  • Can be configured for either single-site or multi-site businesses
  • Supports VoIP with Meridian 1 ITG Gateways and IP desktop telephones
  • IP Expansion Option supports distribution over IP
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